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Inventors: John Alan Rejniak and Brian Rosser Rejniak

300-500% increase in pool pump motor life span with SMARTPUMP

Equipped with patent pending Rainsense® , Sealsense®, Rundrysense®   

We have addressed the 3 reasons pool motors fail and incorporated them into our 3 sensor system SMARTPUMP.                            Photo gallery depicts aftermath of leaking shaft seals:






#3  This is the 3rd reason motor failure occurs

and is more "indirect" but tends to cause other costly

damage when it occurs. Pool pumps running dry,

without an influx of new water. This will also at some

point happen to almost every single pump for one

reason or another and left unattended can cause

costly damage. There are many reasons pool pumps

run dry including low water level, broken auto fill,

stuck auto fill, stuck skimmer door, clogged line, air

leaks, valve leaks, cracked lid, clogged impeller,

broken pool sweep hose, pool sweep out of the water

and a plethora of other reasons. When the

swimming pool pump runs without water it cavitates

and causes the water in the pump strainer to turn

into steam and become EXTREMELY HOT, well over

200° f in some cases. This heat can damage the

pump seals, the impeller, diffuser, adjacent plumbing,

pump lid, suction nipple, riser nipple, pump basket,

seal plate and ultimately the motor to overheat.  Our

patent pending RUNDRYSENSE® can power down a

pool pump before this rise in temperature can occur

to the point of causing damage. Most PVC is rated

for UNDER 175° f.







Please check back with us shortly as we will be uploading videos of our prototypes demonstrating the aforementioned 3 sensing system SMARTPUMP in action under the 3 scenarios of rain, leaking shaft seals and running dry.  We are also excited we have several more technologies we are currently working on simultaneously for the pool and spa industry which is archaic, deplete of innovation and behind the times.  Our products all fill a need and strive to help the consumer have access to better quality, longer lasting equipment, save money and extend the swim season.















Another innovation H.E.R.E.S. (acronym for Hybrid Electric Renewable Energy Source) is green energy technology which can allow your energy guzzling swimming pool pump motors (which utilize on average 1600 to 2000 watts) to run your filtration system practically utility FREE.




We invented

the FIRST ever robotic pool

tile and water line cleaning

apparatus called

Tilebot TM













Our most recent patent pending invention is the FIRST ever fully automated self cleaning swimming pool, spa, aquatic filtering system called Lid-on SMARTFILTER TM













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Orange County Pool & Spa Service

TRG- The Rejniak Group

Pool pump motors just don't last!  We have thousands of customers who are continually frustrated every few years when pool pump motor after motor fails on their swimming pool pump.  I have addressed the 3 reasons that 99% of motors fail:

#1 The most common are leaking shaft seals. As you

can see in the photo gallery above we have seen our

fair share of this.  What occurs is when shaft seals fail,

and they will ALL fail at some time, a small leak and

moisture barrier begins to travel down the spinning

motor shaft and eventually makes its way into the front

motor bearing which is often why some motors will get

loud well before they go out completely.  This is 100%

PREVENTABLE!  Our patent pending SEALSENSE®  will

activate with < 4 tablespoons of moisture then powers

down the pool pump and alerts the user to call for

service and/ or correct the problem.  From my 20 years in the pool service and repair industry and servicing over 17,000 customers in that time we have changed thousands of motors, unnecessarily in 99% of the instances as they should have been prevented.  It is my estimation that pool motors are currently lasting between 3 years and 8 years respectively while the wet end or pump it's attached to is lasting 20-25 years. And I proclaim the motor can last just as long as the pump wet end with our technology adapted.

#2 The 2nd most common reason for motor failure is a deluge of water, generally from rain.  But this often occurs from anomalies such as a break in pvc plumbing, a split filter, or just inaccurately aimed sprinklers.  What occurs here is generally in heavier flows of water where >1" per hour of rain, monsoon conditions, wind with rain, or heavy rain that bounces off the ground and enters the motor winding directly.  Most electronics, including pool motors can sustain some water, heavy condensation and moisture.  The key is to power them down during these conditions, let them dry out completely then power them back up..  You might have experienced this yourself by dropping a cell phone in water.  You'll know by removing the battery and allowing it to dry fully before powering back on it works fine.  But turn it on before and you fry the electronics, pool motors are no different.  Our patent pending RAINSENSE® will power down your pool pump motor during heavier rain or an unexpected break in plumbing or split filter scenario, saving your motor.

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